Success Stories

I have visited with you during the past three years during my visits to Koh Samui for fasting/ detox.   
My sessions with you have extremely helpful with my marriage, my nutrition and overall well being. 
I really enjoy our conversations, your overall approach and the awareness you bring to my challenges.  
I look forward to seeing you again next year and I would advise other friends and family to seek your counsel. 

Regards, Tom J. Lagos

Tom J. Lagos

Our session really gave me the push that I needed to kick start my year at work. It made me stop and think a moment about what changes I needed to make to find my creative zone again… The first obvious one being my environment. Secondly we spoke about my motivations reminding me of why I love doing what I do.

Thanks again Edith


I loved your presence, your holding space for me, your sensitivity and ability to "track" me in my progress.
Although we had the chance to meet only once, I was deeply impressed by you as a person, by your knowledge and professional capabilities. I feel that something shifted for me after our session, that I made progress, and that it would have been even more conducive to have another session or two.

Thank you for all your work. I really appreciate all about your practice.


I first heard about Tony when my best friend went through his separation with his girlfriend. I was unable to see my son for many years and was struggling with that. After taking with my best friend he told me to speak with Tony. I did and after explaining my situation he came up with ideas on how to help me.

After a sessions of hypnotherapy and coaching to find solutions to my situation I was able to deal with the separation of my son a lot better. Not that I don’t love him but have a better understand of my situation. I no longer have a deep sadness that i carried and get upset as much. I do sometimes feel sad and miss my son but Tony helped me understand some things just can’t be helped and to except the situation I am in. I love my son and hope in the future to have a better relationship with him thanks to Tony.


Dear Anthony,

I’d like to say once again Thank-You.

Thank you for having guided me into a much more comfortable zone of my -self.
I have regained trust , energy , light , lightness , and perspective while letting go of a river of things that truly serve me any longer , things that i do not miss and that have been such a burden , obstacle , weight .

I carry the experience  of having met you as something precious trough out each and every day.



I had gone to Koh Samui when I was between jobs and wanting to do something that I had not had chance to do before, i.e. detox. During my time there I heard of a hypnotherapist and that piqued my curiosity.

Immediately I booked an appointment and went to see Tony. I had booked a one hour session but that went on for over 1.5 hours and I actually felt so much better when I came out of the session.

I felt that Tony is extremely caring, has a great perception, really good at identifying underlying issue and fantastic listener. He generates confidence in you to speak freely and trustingly.

As I had a powerful experience the first time I decided to book another appointment and this time for smoking.

I have been smoking for 15 years or so and I have tried to quite a few times but always went back. After my session with Tony I just didn't think of lighting up a cigarette. This I think is the biggest difference between other methods of quitting and quitting, or as Tony would call it being a permanent non-smoker, through Tony's method.

Previously, whenever I had quit, I would crave to light up every time I had a drink or a coffee or meet up with friends who smoked. But, since my session with Tony, I have been out with friends who smoked, have had drinks, been alone at home but not even once I felt like having a cigarette.

Trust me, this man is awesome!!

Gnyanesh Gadre

I met Anthony at a time when I was feeling lost and confused emotionally and professionally. I was distracted and had lost sight of the big picture. In just a couple of sessions Anthony helped me let go of negative emotions, re focus on the important things in my life, identify my strengths and gifts, helped me get clear picture of the future I want and set me firmly on the path of achieving it.I still cant believe how simple and fast his techniques were and how powerful and long lasting the effects are.
I strongly recommend Anthony to anyone who needs guidance and or coaching to breakthrough into a better phase of their life.

Jason Baldwin – Hong Kong

“Anthony is an expert in the working of the human mind and how that translates in behaviours. He was able to very quickly identify a key blockage in my life, something that was in front of me but I was refusing to see for almost a decade. His confidence in his assessment took me aback, but it was exactly what I needed to accept and move on. The defrag hypnosis that he guided me through was a very significant, possibly life changing, experience. In two powerful sessions, Anthony helped me hit an inflection point in my life journey and personal development.”

Saki Georgiadis – Hong Kong

Our sessions helped me a lot! It was a real turning point for me. I don’t know if you remember but I was well and truly surprised with what I found myself saying. That my health issues with thyroid and fatigue and my tendency to retreat could be tied up in deep-seated issues and fears with love was news to me. It sounds obvious now but I thought they were 2 separate problems. Until that point I thought I’d approached my health problems holistically but really I hadn’t addressed the mind. The realization that mind and body are so powerfully connected and ultimately the same thing was truly hit home for me and started my journey inward. Also my 7 year old self telling me I needed to meditate in our session was a pretty profound experience.

I started meditating twice a day in March. I do 20 mins in the morning and 20 mins in the evening and I haven’t missed a day since. It has progressively transformed my life. Going into that deep state of rest each day has improved my health unbelievably as well as my relationship with myself and what’s greater than me. It’s pretty amazing really because on paper my life looks exactly the same except now I feel happier, energetic, connected and present in everything I do. I also find it’s getting easier each day to witness my thoughts rather than getting swept up in the story.

I’m so grateful to you! The realizations from those sessions were life changing and pushed me in the direction of what I needed to do. Also I found your coaching really helpful, the way you explained things really resonated. A couple of things you said about choosing my thoughts and therefore my reality have really stuck with me.

Thanks so much

Stephanie – London
I was very impressed with the work I did with Anthony. The depth of his listening was amazing, and the insights he offered me came from a profound wisdom. Anthony has a big heart and I would recommend him to anyone seeking a transformative experience.

Nick Dilks – UK

I managed to stay away from negativity and people draining my energy with the simple strategy you offered.

In terms of my nervousness : I have a significant improvement there.

I’m still training ‘the power of word’ choosing the right words, how to express myself correctly and more powerful.

Overall, as you can see, you were and still are a big supporter and help in my everyday life :)))

Grateful we’ve done the exercise!


Derya – Hong Kong


I first met Tony on Koh Samui in april of 2013 I then returned to Koh Samui with my family, and he coached the entire family. I myself had 3 sessions with Tony. His briefing his approach his technique is highly professional and totally effective.

I had been in therapy for many many years, and what Tony deliveries is an immeasurable GIFT. Self empowerment, putting the entire process and outcome into the hands of the person he is working with. He opened a universe to me We had limited time. But in that time he helped me achieve a HUGE shift. One that to this day is fresh and clean in my mind. And I have to say one that I have physically manifested around me. The change is instant and very very powerful. If you are open to it and believe it, which Tony helps you achieve with incredible ease.

I would recommend this form of therapy this process to anyone. I got Tony to work with my children, that is probably the biggest testimony I could give him, my youngest was 6 at the time… I would love to work more and more with him, I am just not able since we are separated by an ocean and its hard to work on Skype from my country. This is an extraordinarily talented and professional young man who would do the world a great service if he were to somehow bring his method to the masses. Creating ones dream reality is totally feasible with the help of Tony to reboot and remove wrong imprints from one’s mind.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further questions I am a huge fan.

Anna Trzebinski – South Africa

I have had several treatment sessions with Tony and I have found his Coaching of utmost value. His calm, unhurried and professional manner helps you to relax, allowing him to get to the root of the problem to help you more fully. His attention to detail was surprising and I would have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Bob.H – Koh Samui, Thailand

For me, Anthony has been the driving force in changing my life and how I perceive life itself and my children. He was able to change me to be positive by teaching me to take my past mistakes and events into a learning experience rather than feeling guilty and living in fear. He has guided me and taught me to live in the present through mind, body and soul. Thank you so much Anthony for changing my life and my children


Mel.T – Indonesia, Jakarta

Hello Anthony,

I feel great actually, I understood many things and learnt a lot out of our session.

Being back to “normal” life! it’s gonna be interesting to see how can I interact with people around now, and being firm and honest to myself on who am I, accepting that I’m different to somehow the “mainstream”, and keep feeling that this is a good thing not to be ashamed of! It really helped me your inputs It was supporting and somehow was a relief.

I feel very positive, lighter and enthusiastic; I have the feeling that there gonna be significant changes in my life on the next year. The most important thing to me, is that my mind is peace and calm, and this is priceless!

Hope you are doing fine, keep doing what you’re doing! :)



I would like to say THANK YOU!

It was a pleasure meeting you! Thank you for the help with my mental and emotional issues. I really enjoyed our sessions ,even if that was not an easy thing for me..It was really difficult in the beginning as you are almost my age and  I felt like  “OMG,I have to share all my problems with you” but that was actually very helpful  as I have to push myself stronger and break some barrier .It was a big challenge for me to fight with all those problems. Thank you for helping me to enjoy my life again…and saving me from “the borderline psychiatrist” Thank you for helping me to be myself in many aspects of my being. I am really grateful for all your knowledge you have shared with me and audiobooks- that will be really helpful .

All the best,

Isabel – France
Hi Anthony we did a session at Kamalaya in late December 2012 to help me remove my mental block against trading. The session was very effective and although I can’t say that I became George Soros over night I have been able to take action on my ideas which has felt great.
Philip – Hong Kong

Anthony has the ability to create a comfortable, open and honest conversation that lead me to some clear answers to so many questions, in the simplest manner that enlighten my life. And that is what I have experienced through his Coaching, which I will remember for a lifetime.


Musa Widyatmodjo – Java Fashion Designer (Business Coaching)

I went to Tony with a deep anxiety around my business practice and what felt like an aversion to making money. As an artist I felt particularly in the dark about everything except my passion for my work. Basically hoping that he could hypnotise me into being a business woman, to my surprise I found myself in a business coaching session! Far from disappointed though, in just two sessions I felt firmly on my feet, empowered and excited to get on with the tasks that are now clear and accessible to me. Tony is very knowledgeable in this field and helped me align my passion with the practicalities of making the best shot at a sustainable and thriving livelihood. More than that, I’ve become totally fascinated with the creativity of business practice, and am soaking up an online MBA course. Watch this space!

Carrie – UK

I With the natural gift of a very certain vocal condition combined with his perfect accent for this purpose, Anthony handles his speed rhythmically defined with the right chosen words. Anthony took me on a tour (or to a space) within my own life’s scenes, and somehow I felt present right there at the time. It was an epic experience. Guidance and sensibility is most important to lead the tour. Anthony is a great facilitator not only with his well-trained skills, but also with the gift of his sensibility to truly be present with you fully. I went for insomnia, then found much more beneficial results and months later even much more than I expected with several more sessions.

Anthony helped me be a better friend to my best friend of over two decades.  I can now handle crises with no emotional burdens. My mind is stronger and much clearer. I’ve come from being a very indecisive person to now a solid decision maker. From Anthony’s Coaching and Development sessions I have experienced the beneficial results and the power of “Letting Go of the past”.

Vocalist Professor – China

I have battled with smoking for over 20 years, ranging from teenage smoking, chain smoking, to limiting myself to one a day – And I tried everything to break the habit from Allen Carr’s Easyway To Stop Smoking, will-power, and numerous Hypnotherapy sessions… Some of these worked short term but the pattern was never truly broken. When I met Anthony I was at a point in my life where I felt ready to tackle my smoking addiction from a deeper place and knew intuitively that he was going to be the one to finally help me break the pattern.
I have now been nicotine-free for 6 months and loving it! What I also love is that I am still able to be around other smokers and socialize without feeling deprived. My session with Tony flicked a switch within my subconscious off, and it’s remained off.

I really recommend for all smokers who are ready to make that change, to visit Anthony. I now have more energy, a happier outlook on life, and practice yoga daily. Giving up smoking changed my life for the better.

Abby – Thailand

After a traumatic car accident 7 years ago and 2 horse accidents one year later, I was afraid of driving a car in places that are not familiar with me. I also stopped riding young horses until I gave up riding totally. It felt to me that I lost the trust that life is good, and I was afraid that things like that will happen to me again. I wanted to feel comfortable with driving again, and I wanted to get over the fear of riding horses since it is something that I have loved since I was a young child. I started the Hypnotherapy sessions with the goal to trust life again. In the beginning of the session I felt very nervous but Anthony guided me perfectly through it. With his very calm voice I was able to relax a few minutes later and felt comfortable.

Only a few weeks later I started to work as a horse trainer and I am even able to train young horses again, without any fear. I also went travelling in New Zealand and I drove on the left side of the road (for the first time in my life!). Driving by myself without any flashbacks of the car accident, or being nervous before and during the drive. Only 2 sessions of Hypnotherapy with Anthony helped me to get over my fears and I enjoy life so much more ever since. It was a huge success for me and I got more than I ever expected.

Lea Schubler – Germany

Hey! Everything’s well. My speech went super well and whatnot. Well, a testimonial? I guess I could say – “I feel generally refreshed as a person, inside and out. I’ve been granted a sort of clarity of mind, and I see things with a much clearer view. I feel more confident, happy, well rested, even, and generally more sure about everything in life – opposed to before the Coaching and Hypnotherapy sessions, when I was just a floating cloud.”


Symo Smith – China

Working with Anthony was a very deep and transforming process. We met during my three stays at the Kamalaya, Koh Samui in a period of 14 months. At our first meeting, my target was not very clear and just after three meetings the outcome was a goal with a clear vision, a set time to achieve it and and a set path how to get there.  And thank to that work, done with much respect, good intuition and a fine skill in the art of hypnosis   6 month later the vision was not a vision any more but a piece of my daily reality, a gift to all my creative parts inside me and I thank him a lot for that.

On our second meeting my target was to improve my body feeling and to be able to achieve my desired body weight, a goal I tried very hard for years and years. I had tried anything from diets to coaching. In a couple of sessions he did not only help me to bring up the motivation to do so, but also healed a very old wound and encouraged me to go deeper to find out the real meaning of my disturbed body feeling.

Today I am so glad to have made this changes and I am in peace with my weight.

I highly recommand Anthony to come closer to the realisation of your dreams and desires in a save, welcoming, non judging and encouraging enviroment.

Thank you again for your work.

Ambrose Strolz – Austria

So I didn’t have your average childhood; it was stressful, to say the least.  For as long as I can remember I’ve had trouble falling asleep…even as an adolescent.  I remember seeing a doctor when I was 11 years old and their suggestion was to see a therapist, but my mother chose to feed me antihistamines instead.  Flash forward 16 years and I will literally go days without sleeping, sometimes making myself sick.  I will be sooooo tired, desperate to fall asleep and yet spend an entire night awake in bed.

So as I mentioned earlier, I just assumed my inability to fall asleep was related to the fact that I was damaged from all of the nonsense I’ve been through with my mother.  But over the past couple of years, I’ve felt a transformation in myself.  I honestly feel that I’ve worked through my issues and have not only let go of my past but have accepted all the shit I’ve endured as a great lesson.  I don’t think “cured” is the word but I definitely feel mended, maybe?  And yet I still can’t sleep.  Ever.  I’ve just accepted that I will never sleep like others.  I tell myself that I’ve been given the gift of time.  So a few months ago I met with a hypnotherapist and we worked on my awareness and I’m extremely happy with the progress we made, however our attempt to fix my chronic insomnia didn’t work at all.  He mentioned that I am my greatest hypnotherapist and if I don’t truly believe that I will be able to fall asleep like a normal person, I won’t.  I remember you said that your great success in helping people stop smoking is because you only take patients who are serious about quitting.  Now I’m wondering if you believe that you are able to help me or if you believe my fear of never being able to sleep normally is bigger than me.  I know I’m ready to quit not sleeping but I’m afraid that if my last hypnotherapist wasn’t able to help then no one can.

So in conclusion, I can’t sleep at night but I desperately want to and I need help…can you help me?

It’s Brittany, the insomniac from Vikasa  I just saw you at the cafe and I wanted to tell you I slept last night!! which is a surprise since I was so eager to try falling asleep, I was afraid that I would be too excited to do so….but I managed :)  And the greatest part of falling asleep last night was waking up two hours before practice this morning completely refreshed.  It’s amazing how something as simple as sleep can have such a dramatic impact on one’s well-being, so thank you very much for your help.

Brittany – Australia

Hi Tony

Habit and emotion connection to numbers

A number of knock on effects have occurred since my wonderful session with you. Not only do I have the confidence in maths and numbers that you have to deal with on a day to day basis, but I also feel a strong sense of determination to tackle any multiplications (instead of a fear, anxiety which I would have experienced before).

In fact I put my hand up the other evening to work out the shared restaurant bill amongst a group of friends without hesitation….although my friend thought I was a little aggressive but I think it was more excitement and enjoying the challenge.  So all good !!

Tracey – Australia

Hi Tony

I’m feeling good, I think your session really helped me with my insecurities. I don’t  feel insecure anymore when I’m talking with someone, not trying to follow all the conversations around me, afraid that’ I’m missing anything, or that people are talking about me. I don’t think/feel like I miss something if I’m not there. So that’s going great. I feel less restless, and my mind and thoughts aren’t always crazy working.

Yeah, but there’s a ‘but’…. Still feeling insecure about some stuff going one with a guy, but i guess that’s kinda problem of my life right now.

Wish I could come over for another session! ;)

I hope you’re doing well.


Cristel – Greece
I had an extremely powerful and life changing NLP session with Anthony a few days ago. The session was to get rid of unwanted associations to my father in regards to abuse. Antony used many different powerful NLP techniques which were miraculously effective . Immediately after the session i felt a huge weight had been lifted and felt amazing. I now have no associations and the emotions that were linked to them… anxiety/anger etc have now disappeared. I am eternally grateful and recognize the true power of forgiveness and NLP. Antony is a an amazing facilitator of healing.
Simon – USA

Hi there

Thank you!  I’ll see what happens for the meanwhile I think..

Regarding the waking up in a panicked state after the 6 month of hospitalization, that is definitely better, thank you, I now don’t go to sleep feeling physically petrified or wake up feeling it which is just great upon reflection I definitely feeling more like my old self again so long may it last.

All the best

Victoria – UK

Hi Anthony,

I had promised to update you on my “post-Anthony session” and I let more than a couple of weeks ago by, I guess life just took over.

I am sure you see a million people and I don’t presume you remember who I am – so I have attached a Kamalaya picture and I will attempt to describe myself: Italian, living in Hong Kong, working too much, always smiling but get angry very easily (J) and best of all…. (previously) unable to say no!

Our session focused on finding why I could not say no and how to get be better at it.

Have I become better at saying no? Absolutely. I have done even better, I have stopped myself before offering to help without being asked. I have said no gently and not felt bad saying it. Mark difference. Truly.

Allow to me say thank you very much for being so wonderful and for the incredibly interesting session we have had.

With gratitude and admiration.

Best regards,

Laura Donini – Hong Kong

Hi Anthony,

Thank you for your time and hypnotherapy  session ! I believe that , my panic of airplane turbulence gone…. I just had a bit of scare feeling for the moment, but gone immediately…. I could even slept 2 times during my flight… Any way , it’s much more better then i used to be…i’m really happy for the result !

Thank you very much !!!

If i will come back to Koh Samui next year, i will definitely contact you again!


Anca Silvia – Japan, Tokyo

Dear Tony,

This is Simone, I had a hypnotherapy session with you when I was visiting Kamalaya in February this year about letting go of strong health fears following a good friend’s death. Maybe you remember. First of all I wanted to give you the feedback that it has worked. Of course sometimes I still worry which is in my nature, but the dominant fears I had have not come back. Since the method seemed to work I would like to tackle some other concerns as well.

Wishing you a good Easter,

Best regards,

Simone – Australia

Dear Anthony,

I felt so much better and more relaxed since I saw you at Kamalaya I can truly say that the session with you had a real impact on my well being. I reacted so relaxed in a situation I failed being cool in 100% of such situations in the past. That felt really good. And my sister was so surprised although she happily recognised already several times how much I changed before. So thank you for your help! Good job :)

All the best from Germany

Antonia – Germany

Hi Anthony, hope all is well. You helped me quit smoking last December in Kamalaya – I am still off it – never went back – which is fantastic news

Thanks, Anthony!


Julia -UK

Hi Anthony,

I hope you’re doing well :)

Just to remind you of myself….we met at Kamalaya in December and you helped me let go of my limiting beliefs in regards to weight. We set a goal of losing 20 kilos and my reward would be to study pastry and open my own bakery.

Since we last met, everything has been going very well. I have lost 8 kilos so far which is great! I’m almost halfway through my weight loss journey. I still need to lose 12 kilos though, and recently I noticed that I am not feeling as motivated as before. My weight loss is slowing down, I’m craving sweets again and I am just not feeling it. I think I need a boost. Can you help?


Hala – Dubai

I hope you are well and enjoying what is probably another beautiful day in paradise. I am back in the UK and it is all clear skies and daffodils here. I do love the spring here and it seems to be springing so we have timed our return well! You mentioned you would like a testimonial I have been singing your praises anyway but here you are! Thank you for sharing your talents with me, it was one of the highlights of my trip to Asia and in my life for that matter. I met Tony and had a good sense that he would be able to help me sort out some personal issues, some ‘hooks’ that were holding me back from living the life that I wanted and deserved. I found him to be clear, succinct, intelligent and scientific yet with a calm spiritual understanding that felt right.

I had been doing lots of work mentally and physically myself but needed some guidance as to how to move forward. Without needing to know details, without taking too much time, but with sensitivity, science and the harnessing of the mind I felt released from these mental shackles and free to be the person I’d always dreamed of. I would highly recommend this man to anyone who is looking to transform, improve and empower their lives. Many thanks

Tyrone Probert – UK


I’m still don’t smoking !!!! not an easy one to crack either, Thanks Anthony

At first let me thank you for our remarkable session yesterday. I clearly still have to absorb everything and that together with an interesting physical restoration which was badly needed makes it an intriguing picture……

Please send me through any other contact details you think might be worthwhile as well as other suggestions to improve my “inner being”.

Many thanks and hope to see you soon.

Best regards,


Hey Tony.

I am home and Day 2 back at work today. Feeling amazing actually!

I Went out Saturday night and was drinking champagne and whilst the thought of a cigarette crossed my mind I wasn’t even tempted to have one!

As for the head nodding- I didn’t know when I was doing it so can’t tell for sure if its gone, however I no longer have a sore neck so I assume its working somewhat!

Missing samui! You are very lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

How’s things with you? Still changing people’s lives on the daily? Very talented!

Corinne – Australia

Hi Tony,

I’ve been meaning to find a good hypnotist here in NYC since our session but somehow it has gotten away from me :)

The session remains a positive experience and moment of connection to my mom on the other side. My waves of grief are less often and less intense. My hope is to devote more time to expanding my consciousness on my own to experience those deep connections more often.

Thank you


Deb – USA, New York

Our sessions helped me a lot! It was a real turning point for me. I don’t know if you remember but I was well and truly surprised with what I found myself saying. That my health issues with thyroid and fatigue and my tendency to retreat could be tied up in deep-seated issues and fears with love was news to me. It sounds obvious now but I thought they were 2 separate problems. Until that point I thought I’d approached my health problems holistically but really I hadn’t addressed the mind. The realisation that mind and body are so powerfully connected and ultimately the same thing was truly hit home for me and started my journey inward. Also my 7 year old self telling me I needed to meditate in our session was a pretty profound experience.

I started meditating twice a day in March. I do 20 mins in the morning and 20 mins in the evening and I haven’t missed a day since. It has progressively transformed my life. Going into that deep state of rest each day has improved my health unbelievably as well as my relationship with myself and thats greater than me. It’s pretty amazing really because on paper my life looks exactly the same except now I feel happier, energetic, connected and present in everything I do. I also find it’s getting easier each day to witness my thoughts rather than getting swept up in the story.

I’m so grateful to you! The realisations from those sessions were life changing and pushed me in the direction of what I needed to do. Also I found your coaching really helpful, the way you explained things really resonated. A couple of things you said about choosing my thoughts and therefore my reality have really stuck with me.

Thanks so much


Anthony helped me through a stressful time where I was completely focused on work. Not leaving the office at all, totally unnecessary. Through hypnotherapy Tony enabled me to get to the root of this problem and I have to say I now have much healthier work/ life balance. I am more productive and happier. Thanks Tony.

Hi Anthony, hope all is well – I’ve been smoke free for a year now – very happy, and can’t imagine I’ve ever smoked. Very happy with the results, I can be around smokers, but don’t enjoy it very much, and it seems that my smoking past happened to someone else, not me… So, thank you so much!

“Anthony Augustine is a skilled Coach/Hypnotherapist/NLP Practitioner. I attended a session with Anthony at the Kamalaya Wellness Retreat in Koh Samui.

His approach is empathetic and authentic. I came to the session wanting Hypnotherapy, Anthony’s skilled NLP and Coaching style challenged my thinking and quickly brought me to an understanding that Hypnotherapy wasn’t what I needed to move forward at this particular time. Instead he shared invaluable tools that he uses in his own life. I now feel more empowered about moving through what I perceived as obstacles in my life.

Anthony is passionate about his work and is a living example of what he teaches.

I would recommend Anthony to anyone wanting to make significant change in their lives.

With gratitude

Elaine Vanderzeil – Australia

Dear Tony,

I had suffered for over 5 years with horrendous sleep problems, often only being able to get 3 or 4 hours sleep a night. My health was being affected and also my social life as I was too tired to go out at night.

A work colleague had recently been to see Tony and suggested that I give him a try as he had really helped him. I must admit I was skeptical but, as I was desperate for a decent nights sleep without having to take sleeping pills, I decided that I had nothing to lose.

I met up with Tony who explained to me the whole process which in my case lasted about 60 minutes. I found the whole experience therapeutic and was surprised how relaxed and ‘lifted’ I felt afterwards. I wasn’t expecting immediate results but my sleep started to improve straight away and I was much more relaxed. It is now almost 9 months since my meeting with Tony and I have never slept so well.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Tony.

Gill – UK

Dear Tony,

Thank you for your help, I thought that I would never have been able to beat my depression. When I came to see you I had no self esteem and was very negative about life in general and could not focus on the future. Since visiting you I have enrolled in college -, come off my anti depressants and have a much positive attitude to the future. I can now look ahead. I would like to thank you once again.

Margaret Holbrook – UK

Hi tony

I have been in a lot of pain in my joints for nearly 15 years. The past year the doctors gave me so much medicine that I was in hospital with internal bleeding.  I stopped taking all the tablets and came home from Israel to try and get better.

I was talking with Tony one day and he told me about the hypnotherapy. I was open minded but really did not think it would solve my problems .I was in such a bad state I thought well what the hell lets give it a go. After a 2 month period I was walking without a limp going training in the gym. I can’t say that all of my aches and pain have gone away but what a difference I am able to play with my children enjoyed a walk with my family. I also think it has helped me understand in a way how to deal with life in a more positive attitude.

Unfortunately I don’t live in England I know that if I did I would be spending more time with Tony.

As Tony says ”the power for change  is within you”

Thank you

Simon Kay. – Israel

I knew Tony previously from the gym but decided to enlist his help professionally when my life had reached a turning point and I was unsure which path to follow. I had several coaching sessions where I laid my cards on the table and gave him an idea of my challenge. He was very professional offering sound advice. However, I was having some difficulty implementing his suggestions so we decided to move forward with some Hypnotherapy sessions. Tony could see I was having difficulties and offered to undertake the session in my house to ensure u was relaxed as possible. I didn’t even realise the session had started and before I knew it he had me more relaxed than I had been for a while.

After the session I felt a marked improvement within myself. After the follow up session a week or so later, I can honestly say I felt a different person. Not long after I moved away and started on a new career path. This is where I could feel the full benefit if our sessions as since the move and career change, I feel much more in control of my life and feelings. Tony is a consummate professional who gains your trust and allows you to feel totally at ease.


Matt – Thailand, Pattaya

“Every session with Anthony takes you to a journey deep within. You smile, you cry, you frown, you wonder , you fight with yourself and than you smile again. At the end you come out lighter and changed bit by bit ….. you managed to let go. A journey of expansion and growth.


Aura’s – Denmark, Copenhagen

I turned to Tony, over a year ago, in the hope that I could quit the smoking habit that had controlled 23 years of my life. I am so happy to say that I have not smoked since. My session with him was literally life-changing. I breathe easily now. I have energy. The negative cycle has been broken: I have far less to worry about and much more to look forward to. If you want to quit but have a hard-wired habit, I recommend you get in touch with Tony.

Rachel – Thailand, Koh Samui


1 months ago on a beach in Thailand I met a girl who was gushing about how she had just quit smoking. I took a big drag from my cigarette and tried to keep my eye rolling to a minimum. I smiled and nodded through her story about being hypnotized and walking away completely crave-free. As she nattered on and on, I couldn’t help but be a little jealous, although at the time I never would have admitted it. You see, I had smoked a pack a day for since I was a teen – that’s almost 30 years. I knew that other people could quit, but I didn’t think it was a possibility for me.

Over the next few days, I found myself intrigued about this whole hypnotherapy thing. I texted my friends back home to see if they thought I should try it. Their responses were an overwhelming “no”. They said it wouldn’t never work, it was a waste of money, better off the try after my holiday etc etc. From some reason, I still had the itch so I decided to try it. I thought, it probably won’t work but it cost less than a night out of drinking and even if I quit for 2 weeks, it would have paid for itself. I booked the appointment.

Between making the appointment and meeting Anthony, I thought about smoking and what I got from it. Smoking was like a friend to me, that may sound outrageous but it was true. My parents smoked, I smoked, people who smoked looked older, cooler, they fit in, they had something to do, they had an edge, they were dangerous, gutsy. Cigarettes were a constant, something I could rely on, they had been with me through high school, university, jobs, break ups, they bonded me to friends and co-workers. As a writer, cigarettes were a important part of my creative process and persona.

And then they weren’t.

I can’t explain how it happened, but less than two hours after I meet Anthony my life changed. And by changed I mean, I got my life back. He explained to me and convinced me that cigarettes and nicotine weren’t actually addictive, a concept that sounded ridiculous at the time, but that I now believe whole heartedly. But even crazier than that, Anthony made me believe in myself, that I could do anything that I wanted to, and that I deserved to be a non smoker.

I have never had a craving or a withdrawal symptom or a temptation to smoke since. I have not smoked 8089 cigarettes and have saved $3559.42. I have also not gained any weight. I have inspired friends and family to quit, but more importantly, I believe in the power of the mind. Some friends have joked that I was brainwashed, I laugh and say I couldn’t be happier. If Anthony was able to brainwash me into being a better, stronger, healthier people then “bring it on!”

After my amazing success with becoming a non smoker I set out to find a hypnotherapist in Canada. The people I spoke to maintained that multiple sessions were needed. This stopped me in my tracks, I knew from Anthony’s complete transparency, that it only takes one second of one session to change your life. I believe that the process of hypnotherapy can work, but I also have to believe in the hypnotherapist, so if the intentions of the therapists here were not true, I was wasting my time. So my smoking days may be over, but my work with Anthony is not. I am planning a return trip to Thailand to work with him again.

Amy Hosking, Executive TV Producer, Toronto, Canada

Before going to see Anthony I had a counting habit. Some would call it an OCD. My subconscious was counting 24 hours a day seven days a week. This affected my concentration, my comprehension of things and really my whole life! I used to get headaches because I could not switch these numbers off in my head. I would count everything around me, every crack, and piece of furniture, all of the indents in things… Everything. Then I had to count it backwards to end up at number 1 again, then I would do it again. I could never give my family, friends and husband the attention they deserved because I was always to busy counting. But I got so good at it, no one knew I was doing it.

After seeing Anthony he managed to get me to pinpoint the time and place the habit started and got me to change that habit there and then. I was conscious the whole time, but just let Anthony’s voice guide me through. He allowed me to change the choice I made the day I started to count.

After the session and I opened my eyes I suddenly saw the world a different way, I could take things in and see more. I had forgotten what that was like.

At first I was really scared to go out and talk to people because I kept thinking the counting would subconsciously come back. But I realized that I now have a choice and I can tell my brain that I don’t want to count any more.

If you have a phobia, or a habit or a grudge against someone – I would highly recommend seeing Anthony. It was a decision I will never regret.

Melissa Goffredo – Australia

Dear Anthony,

When I met you I was in the middle of a personal crisis. So in that storm it is not normal to quit smoking.

But I was in Thailand to try to make my mind just as strong and healthy as my body.

The first day in Thailand Tony gave me the tools. I travelled with 20 packages of Marlboro and after a two hour session with you I never smoked again.

And more important; it was easy. Because now I know why my mind asked me to smoke. I can see it, I can feel it. And I can laugh about it.

Thanks again,

Matthias Scholten, TV Presenter & Producer – The Netherlands

Mark and I would like to thank you for my sessions you did with us both throughout the late stage of my pregnancy-Although we were both a little sceptical about the therapy initially, you quickly made us both very relaxed and intrigued by what you had to offer.

Although I only had approximately a month before my due-date, the 6 sessions I had with you got more powerful each time. You extinguished all the bad thoughts and misconceptions I had of child birth, and helped me understand that through my own mind, I could joy a less painful birth whilst remaining completely in control.

My early labour began on Tuesday 29th July with the contractions becoming increasingly stronger. With the ‘trigger’ Technique that you taught me, I was able to control any pain to a minimum and even got rid of them altogether when i put my whole mind to it.

At 4am on 3oth July went Into full liabur and was already 7cm dilated by the time I arrived at hospital, At 9 : 45am, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl weighing 7lbs 5oz without the need for any pain relief whatsoever, The confidence i had in my body and the relaxation techniques you taught me, helped me throughout the birth which I actually enjoyed.

You have a wonderful talent I have already and will continue to recommend you to many people

Sarah And Mark Salmon

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