Stop smoking DVD & MP3

Stop Smoking in 2 hours, with this online course

This course is specifically designed for people who are ready to stop smoking

If you are ready you might find yourself doing one or all of the following things:

1. Lighting a cigarette and noticing how it doesn’t do anything for you

2. Feeling frustrated with the battle of not wanting to smoke but the constant urge to do so

3. Lighting a cigarette and only smoking half

4. Saying to yourself ‘I must give up’ finding dates and times or even using nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)

5., The feeling of a heavy chest and the smell of tar outweighing any perceived benefits

During this online course you will receive a DVD explaining:

How habits are formed

Why nicotine replacement therapy does not work

The difference between an addiction and a compulsive habit

What a true addiction is and why smoking does not come under that category

Subliminal messaging; how advertising affects the subconscious mind

How we are influenced by our friends and family to smoke

The power of the mind

The true effects of nicotine

Most importantly you will receive a MP3 recording which will allow you to deprogram yourself from what you must understand is one of the worst habits people can start.

You may have noticed I use the word ‘deprogramming yourself’ so what you are actually doing is reversing the hypnotic state which makes you believe smoking is good for you and has benefits. Let’s face it ,that’s exactly why people start smoking.

Start deprogramming yourself today with a full no risk money back guarantee

I was a smoker but fortunately gave up using this very same process that I will take you through. Year after year I struggled using the conventional ways of trying to stop with no success. until I came across hypnotherapy, using the power of my mind. I have now been a non-smoker for seven years.

Knowing this technique worked I have used this with hundreds of people over the last seven years and now I want to bring this experience to you online in a set of DVD’s and MP3 which will take approximately two hours to complete

This course comes with full money back guarantee for one very simple reason, if it doesn’t work on the day you are either not ready or hypnotherapy is not a modality that you believe in.

This is a free subscription,  give it a go, if you don’t like it you can always cancel it but don’t lay in bed tonight, when you’re all snuggled up ready to go to sleep and then start thinking to yourself  ‘I wonder how that two minute video could help me’

training course for practitioners, stop smoking in 2 hours

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