Anthony Augustine


About Anthony…

TonyA passion for progress and growth has been with me from as far back as I can remember. All my life I’ve helped the people around me who were in need, even before I chose Lifestyle coaching as a profession.

Some vocations we aspire to, having to change or mould our values and attitude to suit. Coaching for me encompasses who I am. Every aspect of my authentic self is ignited when I’m sat with my clients. I feel my greatest gift being served, defining my true purpose in life. This is reflected in the profound progress of my clients, each inspiring me to be the best I can be.

The process of learning to ‘hone these natural skills’ first started as a hobby. Once I could see how much more effective I was, as a qualified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) coach and hypnotherapist I was inspired even further.

When I work with a client I have the ability to see their challenges very quickly and apply the right tools. Of all the tools I have in my box I value the lessons I’ve learnt in life the most, as these lessons have helped tune my education of the ‘power of the mind’ into wisdom. Powered by my coaching techniques, NLP and hypnotherapy creating the opportunity for growth within my clients and myself.

The clients I see range from directors/ CEO’s of international companies, celebrities and their children, politicians, Baronesses, actors, producers, professional athletes, plus many other people wanting to make a positive change in their lives.

As a professional life coach I have had the opportunity to travel the world facilitating change in people. Learning from each interaction a new perception and views of different cultures. Allowing each client to be my teacher evolving my own practice and philosophies of life.

Are you ready to take the opportunity to grow? Contact me! The first step is that simple!

Anthony’s core values


The Truth will set you Free

‘The Truth will set you Free’ – how true is that! without the truth we are in denial of our current situation and not aware of the progress we can make. To be free or to be guided to a place of freedom the truth is an essential part of the process, for me and my clients. Empowerment from a place of truth!


Integrity – I understand the sensitive nature of my occupation and the trust my clients put in me to express their deepest thoughts. All accepted without shame or blame to ensure their comfort.



Health -This is an important part of a stable, calm and objective mind. If the body is unwell the mind will soon follow. Watch what you eat as 80% of the body’s serotonin is made in the digestive system. Other ‘feel good’ hormones like dopamine and endorphins are also created by eating healthy and exercising.



Growth – My core value of growth drives me to see opportunities to increase my health and happiness. Using that value in every area of my life, mentally, physically and spiritually there is always a place to grow; “learn, accept, evolve and grow into a better person than I was the day before”. Each one of my clients teaches me in some way, either confirming my beliefs or allowing me to adapt my understand of the mind, helping me to become a better coach, embracing those opportunities to grow.