Lifestyle coaching

Your Lifestyle encompasses every aspect of your potential happiness provides a holistic approach to your life, mind and body.

Do you feel unsatisfied with your life…?

No energy or drive to set new goals?

In that case it is time for a change … a new state of mind!

Often when we share our thoughts with our friends or loved ones we can get advice that is not productive or mixed with misleading unintentional motives and the ideas they are trying to convey are often not clear or mixed with their own needs.

This is where a professional lifestyle coach can help.

Clear, practical and impartial guidance

The goal of a good lifestyle coach is to guide you to your aspirations, helping you shine the proverbial torch in the areas that need change, empower you and motivate you to succeed in the shortest amount of time possible.

The type of lifestyle coaching I offer includes dietary and exercise, not just state of mind. As I am well qualified in all 3 aspects, I can offer a complete package.

Finding a coach to suit you

Take your time, contact a few and listen to the way they offer their services. An instant rapport should often be built and if not, move on to the next.

A coach is only as good as their successes and there should be lots of positive results to read through.

Find a coach with a happy balanced life, you will hear it in their voice.

When you meet your coach they should be in good health, mind and body as that represents their lifestyle.

What coaching is NOT !

Codependency – there should be a clear goal and timeline, not an ever ending list of calls leading nowhere.

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