‘Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning’
Benjamin Franklin


Self inquiry, evaluating readiness to change


Action plan, access resources, and realise accountability


Take action


Evaluate progress, accountability and new goals


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I remember back to when i was about 8 years young, sat on a wall at the back of the house where we lived. My brother was upset, i could see that, and asked him why.

After his response i replied ‘nothing stays the same, everythings changes’.

Occasionally i think back to that time especially when people ask how i became a lifestyle coach, i reminisce of my nature at such an early age. Even then wanting to encourage, motivate and see life from a different perspective, it reminds me the life i choose is no accident.

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There are 4 levels of progress, you have to be the observer of your actions to start the at the first level of evolving you nature. Otherwise you’re on a merry go round repeating the same habitual behaviours over and over.

Knowledge is not wisdom, knowledge applied and experienced is wisdom. The life i have been fortunate enough to have experience allowed me to reinvent myself many times. Rich with adversity, testing my faith and philosophy at each turn. Forging the very state of mind that allows me to connect with all my clients with compassion and consideration for their path, guiding them through their times of challenge. The highs and lows have taught me valuable lessons giving me the objectivity, patients and intuition i need to be a balanced coach.

NLP is a simple but effective way to understand the mind and its function. A great modality to encourage my clients to apply effective techniques to model excellence, improving their way of life.

Hypnotherapy used on the right occasion with nearly a decade of my experience has powerful, lasting changes. Mastering 4 different types of hypnotherapy i’ve enjoyed watching the existing transformations of thousands of my clients with this amazing process.

Nutrition is overlooked by most but a necessity for a stable state of mind. 80% of serotonin (the feel good hormone) is made in the digestive system. Yes its that important. 21 years of my life i had dedicated to learning about food and its effects on the body and how we can fine tune this miraculous machine we call the human body. A vital element to a successful, peaceful life in nutrition, we are what we eat! literally. In the last 10 years unfortunately my research has shifted into understanding the chemicals in food and the devastating effects there having on the homeostasis of our bodies and the planet.

Life experience

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)